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About Us

Diversity of Experiences

WHAT WE DO?:  Provide launch/pre-launch optimization solutions through sustainable and dynamic technology platform,  hosting analytics products and marketing services

WHO DO WE SERVE? :  Marketers, empowering them to make efficient, effective, and informed decisions

WHY DO WE EXCEL?:  A strategic partner to the business. Enable evolution in thinking to better serve the end consumers by actively listening, collaborating and being a trusted committed partner to my clients

Optimizync brings forward unique offerings, strategic insights & analytics supplemented with dynamic technology platform to drive continuity and pull through with marketing strategy & campaign execution.

We bring extensive experience across multiple industries and various functional areas.

Reporting and Dashboards

Our Services

Story Telling through Insights

Data Insights

Coding and Computer Programming (sql, sas, etc.)

Predictive Modeling

Data Curation and Cleansing

Prescriptive Modeling

Business Intelligence

Operational Analytics

Strategy Consulting through Data

Why Engage With Us?

Drive Creative Thinking


Build trusting partnership and collaborate with stakeholders to drive analytics driven actionable execution strategies

Efficiency and High Productivity

Automated data processing, cleansing and solutions served via web-based tools make solutions available on demand and sustainable

Diversity of experiences

Diverse non-Pharma professional experiences infuse different perspectives and bring success stories from other industries to Pharma

End-to-End Pull Through

An ability to assess business descriptively, predict future behaviors and drive prescriptive execution strategy which can be pulled trough for optimized business performance

Track New Technology and Predictive Models

Keep abreast of  key technology trends in data science, foster innovative approaches to predictive modeling techniques

What is our approach towards brand excellence?

Unbiased Integrated Data Analytics

Optimize your strategy, readjust and course correct with a software-supported robust measurement plan

Analytics is important when it tells you a story, cuts out the noise and generates insights that support your strategic imperatives or drive new strategic objectives

Prescriptive Algorithms

Execution strategy that ladders up your strategic imperatives

Automation Algorithms and Software tools

Stitch data to get an integrated view of your efforts, your market, your brand. Automate any solutions to determine progress

Predictive Models

Trends that answer your burning question and keep optimizing using our predictive models

Descriptive Analytics

Learn about current status and impact on your historical promotion